In-Ovation® FAQs


How long does treatment take?

In-Ovation System braces use interactive self-ligating technology, which means your treatment can possibly progress with fewer appointments than traditional brackets with ties.

What makes In-Ovation braces different?

In-Ovation braces are self-ligating brackets. That means they use a clip that is built into the bracket to hold the wire in place and control movements during alignment. Traditional braces use elastic ties or wire to hold the wire tightly in place, which can cause more friction and discomfort.

Are In-Ovation braces comfortable?

Many In-Ovation System patients are surprised by how comfortable they are and that there is little discomfort overall. That is because the low-profile, low-friction design gently corrects alignment issues. When beginning the treatment, the braces may feel a little foreign in your mouth; however, most people stop noticing after a day or two.

Can adults benefit from treatment with In-Ovation System braces?

Most people think of orthodontics as a procedure for children, but everyone can benefit from an improved smile. Properly aligned teeth contribute to healthy teeth and gums, and can help prevent more serious health problems.

Improperly aligned teeth can make cleaning and brushing more difficult, and may lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and potential tooth loss. Misaligned teeth can also lead to stress on the jaw muscles and excessive wear of the enamel, causing a negative effect on the long-term health of the teeth and supporting bone structure.

How much do In-Ovation System braces cost?

The cost of treatment will vary depending on treatment, and you will need to discuss that with our office. More and more insurance providers have some sort of orthodontic coverage to help offset the total cost as well.

Why do you treat with In-Ovation System braces?

Our office prides itself on using current technology and techniques which improve comfort and make treatment efficient. 

Which In-Ovation option is right for me?

In-Ovation® R is smaller and has a lower profile than other self-ligating brackets. With no elastic or metal ties, you will have less irritation, less plaque build-up, and less difficulty keeping your teeth clean.

In-Ovation® C is a translucent ceramic bracket which offers the same qualities as In-Ovation R but with the added benefit of clear aesthetics.  


MTM® No•Trace offers a superb alternative to patients requiring minor movement of 6mm or less. Completely invisible, MTM No•Trace self-ligating “quick clips” work within a few short months to give you the smile you have always wanted.  

invisalign the clear alternative to braces
invisalign the clear alternative to braces
invisalign the clear alternative to braces
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